Make an Impact

It’s not just the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do for your company, your employees, your culture, & your bottom line. Let us tell you more.


91% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause, given similar price and quality.

There is nothing inherently noble in neutrality. If given the opportunity, 87% of Millennials would buy a product with a social and/or environmental benefit.


81% of Millennials expect their favorite companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship.

"It used to be that companies would align with charities that shared their same values. Now brands are taking these do-good values and baking into their corporate identities."
- Kirk Olson, VP of Trend Sights, Horizon Media

Millennials often use their spending power to express who they are and cause-sumption makes it accessible.
— Kirk Olson

70% of Millennials willing to pay more for a product that makes an impact on issues they care about.

Considering Millennials control about $2.5 trillion (and growing) in spending power, that represents massive buying potential.

62% of Millennials are willing to take a pay cut to work for a responsible company

Millennials are the largest generation represented in the U.S. labor force (35% of total). 76% will consider a company’s social responsibility stance when making employment decisions while 94% like using their skills to benefit a cause.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) agree that public companies should be “mission driven” as well as focused on shareholders and customers.

A July survey of 1,026 adults for Fortune by polling firm New Paradigm Strategy Group found that as many Americans (64%) say that a company’s “primary purpose” should include “making the world better” as say it should include “making money for shareholders.”

Social responsibility is a critical part of proactive reputation management. And companies with strong reputations outperform others when it comes to attracting top talent, investors, community partners, and importantly, consumers.
— Carol Gstalder, SVP Reputation & Public Relations Solutions, Nielsen