Who We Are

Campfire Group is a digital consultancy founded by 2 media professionals with over 20 years experience at some of the biggest digital publishers and most impactful organizations in the world. We are expert storytellers and strategists with a vision of the world where companies don't just do well, they do good.



Doing good doesn’t have to be boring and it shouldn’t feel like a mandatory box your organization has to check. We can help you design a social impact strategy that will align with your organization’s ethos while capitalizing on your strengths. Then, we can help you execute that strategy in a way that will differentiate you from your competitors and give your employees something they’ll want to rally around.

This is where our social impact skills come into play.



If you save a tree in the forest and nobody is there to see it, did you really save the tree? Well, yeah, you did -- and good on you! -- but you’re also missing out on a key opportunity. Social impact shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. We can help you find compelling ways to tell your story.

This is where our content strategy skills come into play.


If you tell everybody about how you saved a tree in the forest and nobody cares… okay, we’ve overplayed this metaphor. The point is, even the best stories need strong distribution strategies if they’re going to reach and catalyze the right people. We can find clever and creative ways to help you build a lasting and engaged audience that will respond to your story.

This is where our audience development skills come into play.



Carina Kolodny

With a BA from Sarah Lawrence and a MA from Parsons, Carina has traversed the world as a media activist and transmedia storyteller. Her work is Emmy-nominated, Webby-nominated and Shorty award winning.

Kolodny has worked for places like Hearst Magazines, Viacom International and The Huffington Post. Kolodny's work experience is diverse, but certain threads run throughout the entirety of her career:

  • Meeting audiences where they are and activating them into meaningful action

  • Experimenting with new technologies and methods of storytelling

  • Finding unique & engaging points of entry into difficult and complicated subject matter

  • Connecting people, places, products and ideas in unorthodox ways

Kolodny takes her work very seriously but she doesn't take herself very seriously. She thinks life is probably better that way.

Ethan Fedida

Ethan has been at the forefront of digital media strategy and execution for years. He was the Vice President of Audience Development for Entercom, leading the digital business for the radio giant through its merger with CBS Radio, focusing on content strategy, distribution, social and platform building. Ethan cut his teeth at the Huffington Post where he led their Editorial Partnership efforts in addition to leading their Social Media team. Ethan knows how to drive any digital campaign forward, strategically determining the proper audiences to reach and employing the best strategies to connect with them.

Ethan attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, cementing his love for hot chicken while majoring in Medicine, Health and Society with minors in Philosophy and Sociology. Since graduating, he’s lived in New York City and is an avid music fan, frequenting the music festival scene. Ethan loves to travel and loves food - especially spicy food - and is an annual judge at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and LI Best Wings Festival. Additionally, Ethan has worked with the Bridges to Community organization for over 15 years, leading trips to rural Nicaragua to help bring housing and infrastructure to under resourced communities there.